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Beginning the Process - Create a Legacy

Most people, when they come into the office or call on the telephone to ask about purchasing a cemetery memorial, they do not have any ideas as to how to start this process.  Usually this is their first time at making this selection.  We start by visiting about who the memorial is being designed for, any thoughts you may have on what you would like to see incorporated into the design, and where the memorial will be installed.  There are many options that you can select from before making your final decision, but I will start by explaining and showing you the basic styles and pricing.  We have many pre-set designs to choose from, or as I like to do, mix and match the designs from the many choices that we offer.  Since every person is unique in their own way, we try to individualize each memorial to reflect who they are, as you will see from our picture gallery and in the cemeteries.  We listen to your ideas and offer suggestions as to how to achieve that perfect memory for your family.  We want to help you design a legacy for many generations to come.  Once a preliminary design is discussed, we will compose a computer drawing of the design for you and your family to look over.  You can then make any necessary changes until we have completed the memory and designed the perfect memorial.  At this point, we would place the order for the memorial.  This process may take one phone call and a couple of mailings, one visit and several e-mails, or several visits and a few mailings.  We continue until the memorial is perfect.



When a family has decided to purchase a memorial, whether it be because someone has passed or on a pre-need basis, price is always a concern.  This is a purchase you will only make once, so when selecting your memorial, remember that this legacy is permanent.  We want it to be a beautiful, long-lasting reminder of the memories your family holds dear.  Again, there are so many variables when it comes to the price of a memorial.  The main factors in determining the price are the color, size, and style of the memorial.  All lettering, standard design and installation are included in the price.  We will work with you to design the memorial you are wanting and remain within the budget you feel comfortable with.  Our memorials are priced the same year-round, fair and reasonably.  Many times people are not given a choice of when they need to make this selection, therefore, we do not promote "sale time."  We always want you to make this decision when the time is right for you.

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Give a gift to your family by creating and purchasing your own memorial prior to the time of need.  Families are going through so many emotions when a loved one passes, selecting a stone ahead of time, so they don't have to, will be very much appreciated.

We sell many pre-need memorials.  You make all your own decisions for design, color, size and price of memorial.  The memorial is completed and installed in the cemetery at the time it is ordered.  The only remaining item to be completed is the last date lettering, which will be added at the time it is needed in the cemetery.

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Much consideration is given to the foundation work that goes into the installation of our memorials.  We use a pre-stress, pre-cast concrete foundation, which provides a six-inch apron or border around your memorial.  This foundation is flush with the ground and is what most cemeteries prefer.  As you go through our picture gallery, you will see this.  We also offer granite foundations rather than concrete, if the family prefers.  We also pour a concrete sub-base under the pre-stress foundation to provide more strength.  The size of the memorial being installed on the foundation determines the depth of the sub-base.  We do guarantee our installations; doing them right the first time is very important.

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The time frame for completing a memorial will vary.  From order placement to completion of an in-stock item will usually take six to eight weeks, however, we have had memorials completed in as little as one week.  A custom ordered piece of granite would usually take three to five months to complete.  If you have a certain completion date that is important, please let us know, and we will do all we can to meet it.  Of course, weather is always a factor that can delay installation.

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